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The incarnation of your prostitution, the true Evil in disguise
With the ignorance from your cross as the witness
The truth of your tragedy make you justice
In your mirror the high spirit of kindness
Looks like malice
Condemnation of life by the living dead
What a premature judgement, contradiction to the core
How unfortunate I am, cursed to spend time on a battle already won
The shame that will be guarding your grave says it all

Retreat to the crypt and make it worthwhileRecall my sins furthermore but still be watching yours with a smile
music: Galder, Silenoz and Shagrath
lyrics: Silenoz
4. Kings Of The Carnival Creation (Live)
Incarnated marvels simplifiedEffects from such a disconsolate kind
Impotence of the once so perfect living
Erase and rewind
Stand rigid for the next battle
Peace means reloading your guns
The love for life is all hatred in disguise
A carnival creation with masks undone
In search for the guidelines to the gateways of sin through mires of misanthropy with wrath in mind
Sophistication as cruelty and perfection as virulent truth
Confidently dawned, to pick the best of enemiesAn abyss womb stretched wide open, exposed to retaliate
chorus: ]With the stigma feasting upon your flesh as I wish you well
Thorns from the fountains of fate licking lepered skin
Worshipped by anyone's mass on our planet hell
What on earth possessed you
Consuming illusions made from hysteria and swallowed tongues
Devoured by doubt, conducting arts of misconception testimonial sufficiency declaring numbness of all perceptions
Glance into the blackness hidden beneath your
And enjoy the suffering, sanity drained in disrespect
With such bedevilled faith in good, subsequently trusting evil
Next step for mankind will be the last seasons in sin
Left are the kings of the carnival creation
Carrying out the echoes of the fallen
Sense the withering eternity as it fades away
The ultimate graceless voyage of all times
Only death will be guarding your angels, silently
Cripples joining arms in clamour
Institutionalized for the rebirth, the herd will be hunted
music: Mustis, Silenoz, Vortex and Shagrath]
[lyrics: Silenoz]
5. Puritania (Live
Let chaos entwine on defenseless soilRemove errors of man and sweep all the weakening kind
I am war, I am pain
I am all you've ever slain
I am tears in your eyes
I am grief, I am lies
Bygone are tolerance and presence of grace
Scavengers are set out to cleanse the human filth parade
I am pure, I am true
I am all over you
I am laugh, I am smile
I am the earth defiled
I am the cosmic storms
I am the tiny worms
I am fear in the night
I am bringer of light
Music: Shagrath
Lyrics: Silenoz and M. Lunde
6. IndoctriNation Live
Oh, look at those lifeless leaves
All their precious pride is taken away
a lost creation for a graven imageTrembling of nothing but their own fear
[chorus: ]
On behalf of water made to wine
Elements of deception must entwine
Righteous greed and derangement
Vacuum is given to the blind
To surrender to a faith so fake
To not comprehend while you're awake
Thrive on your deity for heaven's sake
Do loose your battle before actual birth
For some sheep need the company of a shepherd
To face the scorn of the earth
Existential parasite drama across the lands
What a relief never bother the why's
Investing illusions and folding hands
The passion for mankind's ignorance feeding you lies
All those naked faces, empty shellsCrippled and caged, anaesthesia adjust
The lambs of slaughter preoccupied in disgust
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