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18 now, you're out of school, your childhood is spent
work or war
all you've got to do is figure out how to pay the rent
work or war
if you've got no money then your life is up for hire
work or war
start the cycle, job to job and hope you don't get fired
work or war
work for life
to get what you need
live as a wage slave to corporate greed
or kill for cash
the governments whore
these are your choices because they prey on the poor
seen the commercials and it's just a couple years
work or war
twenty thousand dollars towards a college and career
work or war
they're in the mail, they're on the phone, it's just a step away
work or war
it's kill or be killed, the g. i. bill doesn't pay
work or war

We're All Equal In The End

voice of televangelist to moms and dads at home
who will your kids listen to and who will they ignore?
tell them lies and feed them shit, don't those homos make you sick?
but are you gonna follow, or are you gonna lead?
we're all equal in the end
voice of white supremacist to moms and dads at home
who will your kids listen to and who will they ignore?
tell them lies and feed them shit, don't those niggers make you sick?
but are you gonna follow, or are you gonna lead?
we're all equal in the end
no voice of televangelist
we're all equal in the end
no voice of white supremacist
we're all equal in the end
this is our voice, this is it
we're all equal in the end

Money, Lies And Real Estate

filthy, fucking landlords, apartments up for rent
cheating, lying, swindling tenants of their every cent
paying them for housing, you need somewhere to sleep
they're concerned with nothing but their profit property
money, lie and real estate are so easy to conceal
who are they gonna answer to they're taking all we're worth
just scumbags and parasites, they're renting out the earth
living off your misery and they don't give a fuck
you payed your rent your money's spent and now you're fucking stuck
money, lies and real estate, or whatever they can steal
people put their trust in others hoping for the best
then they're getting ripped off by the people who infest this system
and society and plague it with their lies conmen in disguise
don't care about conditions, there's a slum here for a price
sign on the line right here because they know you have no choice
filthy fucking landlords are just conmen in disguise
conmen in disguise
money, lies conmen in disguise

Fucking Racist Maggots

see it on t. v. it makes me sick to my stomach
people killing people because of their color
in texas, fucking bastards dragged a black man with a truck
as his body smashed and splattered they didn't give a fuck
i wouldn't give a fuck if a bullet struck them dead
stuck up on a burning cross as blood trickled down their head
those two fucking racist maggots shoul get ropes around their necks
as your body turns color you'll gasp your dying breath
the way you think, the way you think it makes me sick
the way you think is ignorant
the way you think it makes me sick
it's never too late for the hate to stop
clear your head and throw your propaganda out
don't blame your income or your problems on what someone can't choose
blame it on our corrupt nation: the red, the white, the screwed
being hassled or shit on because you're not white
living your life shouldn't have to be a fight
but it is a fucking fight as mindless nazis become cops
it's time to join together and make this madness stop
rally against them if they walk down your street
bearing swastike flags or wearing white sheets
as they chant white pride, spit in their face
let them know you think they are a disgrace
wake up white america, fuck off you cunt
an all white nation is something we're not
it's your life so try and live it
if you don't have it now, you're then never gonna get it

When The Walls Come Crashing Down

there's a veteran who's rotting on the side of the street
he came home from war and couldn't make ends meet
crashing down
your life's wasted away as you fall down to the ground
walls come crashing down
your life's wasted away as you fall down to the ground
crash down

The Way It Is

help me, these kids have escaped the life i condemned them to live
i am the law of the youth i'm armed to control not protect
childhood's spent in school to teach them the ways of the world
then send them to work and to war cause this system's what they reject
i feed them my morals to live to live for the state and the organized church
anyone who thinks for them self is different and doesn't belong
these kids are rebellious and now they need to be stopped right away
they have no respect for the and their will to live is too strong
fuck you you bastards
they don't want a revolution
but a change in power's the only solution
take your laws away
fuck the world and fuck my peers i won't forget the past 18 years
and i won't regret the rest from this
order was established for us, decisions made before we were born
that's how it is and how it will be we live in conditions we hate
the next generation is here. we don't have to live by their rules
respect and compassion are void, but for us it's not too late
fuck you you bastards
the way it is, is the way it was and the way it will stay
just because so many of us want to accept it without a fight
fight back for your right to live any way you want to be
fuck those who refuse to accept your individuality
fuck those who control our future, mentally beating us down
let's show all those fucking stiffs, that we're in deep but we won't drown
fuck you you bastards
take your future back

Who's To Blame

what makes a killer? now that's a bore
what makes you scream? you're being ignored
if your hand are bloody then so are mine
we all want freedom when we're confined
who's to blame?
who's to blame?
what's the fucking difference does it matter who's to blame?
scrutinized or trivialized the end result's the same
the world is going down the fucking drain
these things happen every day
buildings burn, kids are blown away
you think we're safe here (america) privileged from birth?
we're our own victims on planet earth
down the fucking drain

Young And Dead

At the shows and on the street
Some punks just wont accept you think differently
The way you live it was the wrong way to be
Vegetarian or not, drug free or drunk
There's always someone who says youre not a punk
They're always somebody who tells you that youre wrong
We bitch about what we see on the daily news
But we cant accept each others views
Bow what will we do at the end of our fuse

And now we're young and dead

Instead of respecting our differences in thought
We waste time arguing about whats right and what is not
And some revert to all the violence they've been taught
Opinions vary on what is Punk and what it does
But its not anything until we've earned each others trust
And if it ever happens it is by the fault of all of us
There's two options out there for the youth
Just two options and we've got to choose
United we win, divided we lose

And now we're young and dead

Think about your views
The lifestyle that you choose
And find out what it means to you

Some have had a negative outlook on it from the start
How can you ignore when somethings comming from the heart
If nothing can unite us and nothing's worth a chance
Then why are we all singing what theyre telling us we can't

You've buried any bridge we've come across
And you're the reason for the battles we've lost
When you fight your war just dont forget the cost

And now we're young and dead

Think about your views
The lifestyle that you choose
And find out what it means to you

Everyone's Afraid

preach about the poisons that contaminate the earth
follow a religion, others question what it's worth
frustrated by the outcome, but never say a word
talk about the causes, but never say a word
we all know the problems
we all know the fear
all have existed, but haven't changed in all these years
talk about the guard who wears the flag on his sleeve
burning in his eyes he's blinded by belief
belief in a structure built in the past
time creates an action, but it better happen fast
hand out all the pamphlets
peel all the stickers
little do we know that the woods are getting thicker
who creates a path
we all know the way
let down your guard, cause everyone's afraid

Elitist Attitudes

you put quarters in the juke box to complain about the songs
you used to be supportive now you're telling us we're wrong
but nothing's really changed, we're still a bunch of kids
still singing nothing fucking different than we ever did
still playing for the kids
but why should i be justifying what we try to do
to somebody who sits around talking shit like you
you try to so hard to segregate
the kids who still participate in what you claim to be part of
you eliminate it
divide and seal our fate
elite few
who needs you?
elite few
the maine punx are everywhere, in every fucking state
it's all the kids who refuse to live how their fucking peers dictate
it's all the kids out getting shit for how they look and how they think
that's why we'r all still singing it, and anyone can join in
you missed the fucking point

Channel 4

back and forth, t. v. to school, there's not much else you know
they're the only things that feed you what you think, you need to grow
in the meantime, washington's concerned with overseas
establishing (through corporate interest) foreigh policies
get off the bus, walk through the door, a latchkey kid alone
the t. v. is on as soon as you set foot in your home
today is different, news is on instead of normal shows
when i was younger, persian gulf. now kids see kosovo
u. s. army, channel 4
how can you trust anyone who's televised a war
oil, power, channel 3
there's entertainment value in the military
investors increase profit margin, networks boost their ratings
protest turns to celebration and disapproval is fading
thousands die, but war is profit america is grinning
t. v. dinners, fat with pride and thinking we are winning
watch for our prosperity
watch for our economy
watch us die on t. v.
watch us kill humanity
back and forth, t. v. to school, there's not much else you know
they're the only things that feed you what you think, you need to grow
so if you want your kids to learn the morals of modern war
then sit them down at home and they'll tune into channel 4

Filthy Greedy Guilt

blood on his hands, blood on his feet
it's the trial of the century
set him free and fill your wallet
it's your choice so go on and call it
you call it justice, i call it shit
but we're gonna have to live with it
there's nothing much that we can do
the rich go free while the poor get screwed
buy your freedom, sell your conscience
how can you look into the mirror and not see a heartless demon
cause when i look into your eyes thats all i'm seeing
you make a living telling lies
ignoring ignoring innocent peoples' cries
you have no compassion you greedy fuck
and you'd sell your soul to make a fucking buck
buy you freedom, sell your conscience
lying rich bastards drunk with power
charge an arm and a leg just to talk four an hour
tell them your story as we see it on t. v.
as reporters feed blood across our t. v. screen
the nation knows you did it
the lawyers know the law
the judge knows your guilty, but your free on a flaw
if you have a load of money then its plain to see
the poor get incarcerated and the rich go free
kills his kids and beats his wife
you try to set him free and that's not right
it's not alright
you knew he was guilty
but he was greedy and wealthy
his clothes still filthy
filthy rich is what you fucking crave
as you count your money night and day
you bought your car, you even bought your wife
at the expense of someone else's life
justice system
buy your freedom
fuck this system
sell your conscience

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Until We Die

As so many people suffer from starvation
There is no hope of relief through cooperation
As so many families struggle across the nation
In poverty infested jobs they're forced to work in

[Nakarat: ]
You bleed and sweat every week but what you earn's not yours to keep
Land of the free? What a lie
You bleed and sweat every wekk but what you earn's not yours to keep
We won't be free until we die

Evil politicians spend hours debating
And fill the newspapers with lies that they're creating
Will peace or freedom come? I'll probably die waiting
So many of us lose hope our future is fading

You put your money in their hands they say we're free in this land
Free to give them what is ours as an innocent man sits behind bars
Serving a crime he did not commit cause some cop was full of shit
You can hope and you can try but you won't be free until you die
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