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Papoose - Cure şarkı sözü

[Verse 1: Papoose]
I was born in a human body, I'm deadly and dangerous
The way I decrease life quality is outrageous
But you don't gotta worry, I'm not contagious
I'm genetic, I travel through your family for ages
I could live in yo daughter, I could live in yo son
If you smoke cigarettes, I could live in yo lungs
I can develop in yo stomach and be that small
But I grow to the size of a basketball
Now you can ignore me and try to pass it on
You'll be a statistic, in the casket gone
I could be a sharp pain that you feel in yo spine
I can be a brain tumor on the back of yo mind
I'll even be in yo food if you eatin that swine
Don't go to the doctor so you never catch me in time
I done cause some strong men to lose they strength
Even cause some pretty women to lose they breaths
Only God know the cure and to whom he bless
Is the chosen, he choose the best
I'm a physical enemy, here to bring miserable treachery
I can affect him, her, they, you or them and me
But one small woman gotta checkup randomly
They burn me out of her body with chemo therapy
If you come late I'll deflate your energy
Take all of your hairt and erase your memory
I can shorten your life if you livin it long
Even took a black queen named Vivian Strong
If you don't go to the doctor that mean you support me
The only way to stop me is to catch me early
And gangstas who think I can't get in y'all body
I even claimed the life of mobster John Gotti
Have you had a checkup? If no is your answer
Them let me introduce myself, my name is cancer

[Hook: Erykah Badu (x2)]
He rides to it
Don't stress a lot
Put protection on
If he's in your home

[Verse 2: Papoose]
The prettiest woman out here blows long in the wind
Even sip when she wasn't soft as her skin
Teeth look like ivory, pleasant as a beach
Breasts like 2 watermelons, ripe like a peach
On the outside, sexy as can be
But on the inside she's infected with me
She be up in every neighborhood, dead on the street
Give you her phone number, give you head in the V
And she don't like condom, she sex it for free
So if you ever met er get tested for me
Every single day I add names to my dying list
My epidemic is strong as an iron fist
You should check your body fluids, that's where I exist
Can travel through saliva, I hope you like to kiss
You can't get rid of me, you can cry and wish
It's no denying this, science says
He says I was born in Africa, but he's a lying bitch
I was born in the laboratory, my father's a scientist
You can't contact me if you walk in a bathroom
Or if you talk to your classmate in your classroom
You never see me coming, I'm smooth as a jazz tune
Not airborne, I pass moves
But you should make sure they clean the needle
when you getting them tattoos
I'm the reason the word positive means bad news
Idiotic if you don't believe in me
Even took a great rapper named Eazy-E
If you have a lot of sex you should have some condoms
Cause you could live with me, ask Magic Johnson
I enter your body with only one assumed mission
That's only to break down your immune system
Become sick easy cuz you not immune
And I can pass over through every open wound
So make sure you put a Band-Aid on your cut
Before you shake another man's hands sayin wussup
I'm physical and visible, you can't feel me
Medicine, I'm invincible, you can't kill me
AIDS is my name, don't get it wrong
It stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
(Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome,
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome)

[Hook: Erykah Badu (x2)]

[Verse 3: Papoose]
This drug addict named Raj is infected with my evil
Got some new dope he wanna try with his people
He said go ahead and try it, it's some brand new diesel
That's when I found myself travelling through a needle
Don't even know what he getting into is a shame
Tied his arm up and pump me right in his vein
He had a lot of women, was living to play his life
But he was married, he took me home to his wife
Now she's a carrier who carries on with me
His wife had a baby, the baby was born with me
And I hope that you wouldn't take this song silly
A lot of people infected, it's a strong pity
You got a jimmy hat? Then you should put on jimmy
Let's protect ourselves, we should all, really
I'm tryna live long, won't you live long with me?
Suburbs to the city, sing this song with me

[Hook: Erykah Badu (x3)]
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Şarkının Adı: Cure
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