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Get it together Justin, got to get it together fam
Let's Go

Yeah, fuck the back talk
Save all that pussy shit for the cat walk
Now write your name 100 times on the blackboard
Just a white man excelling in a Black sport, like I'm Pistol Pete
You already know you a goner when I kiss your cheek
Lift your feet, like when your sister sweeps
Fine dining, drink water out the crystal creek
Straight from Queens rocking leathers like I'm Mr. Cheeks

(Uhhhh, fly shit
Grown Man shit
Do it one more time, fuck it
I'm good to go)

Yo, I'm a wild freak, hit shorty where the child sleep
While her mother make soup with the cow feet
Shoulder pads and a leather, Beau Brummell
Hopping out the limo at the old Tunnel
Fuck sex on the beach, I want head in the streets
Spread bed on the feet
Lead on your cheek, the cadillac from 73
Aqua marine with a popular fiend, uhh
Big Bird, Farrington alumnus
Mouth like a pussy, she gummed it

You see me in the green velour, facial conquistador
Then I order up a feast for four
If you see me in a leather, know it's reaching the floor
Linen flapping in the wind cause of the breezy shore, yeah
Spinal tap, you spitting gynecology rap
Eat your pussy with a plastic bag, covering that
Brothers will clap leave you hovered or jacked
If there's chicken in the building, know I'm smothering that
This tool I got will loosen up your stool a lot
Near the pee pee will make you poo-poo a lot
In the Z3 bumping U2

(Yo this Big Motherfucking Body, bitch)

Ginger ale laying in a Knicks cup
Pay thirty dollars for a dick suck
Pay a hundred dollars for the joints I rolled
Oyster bowls chilling in the cloisters
I love Black girls boisterous
Shorty's on the arm like a koi fish
On a Herbie White dude with the yellow fever
Yellow sneakers, see through yellow beeper

(Feel the beat... )

When our eyes first met was like the fourth day in July
When you kissed my lips, I knew one day you'd be mine

Watch my shorty take a shower, I want the good loving
Six ducks in a wood burning oven
Georgia Southern, her alma mater
She raised out in Queens, but moved out to Colorado
Looney Tunes, Taz on the shirt
Fuck swag, got pizzazz
Two jags, Cincinnati Zubaz
Du rag, Bay Terrace pool pass
Talked to Skip, schooled me on the ponies
Next year catch me posing at the Tonys
Folding paper wilding at the OTB
Grow the money like a Cocha tree

American flags hang on walls that hide money
Put my arm through the Picasso
Kept a fortress, crib got the Tex-Mex motif, wolves howling
Two stallions pull the buggy, Clydesdale
Crack the Bud, guzzle, humidors
Uncle Moozy with the Mitsubishi
Uncle Jimmy with the funny money flossing out in AC
Randy Quaid with the turtleneck
Erma with the jungle juice, man feet
Beamer with the tan seats,
Smack the taco out your mouth, green couch
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