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Of Man And Machine - Conjectures şarkı sözü

The weakest follow suit
The insecure dejected must follow news
May it not follow you
They roam devise and conquer
They fractionize producing threats so often to antagonize
I'm obsessed with idiosyncrasies
Pressed for rest
Oppressive stern ethic
They tell us all
They say the end is near for us all
They'll be the way to it
For now self-reflect and breathe
The pressure mounted since relieved
It's all by designed forged images
You're watching produced carcinogens
For too long been misled ad nauseam
Deceitful form
Only ratings are above the law
See the proof of treachery pushed out for all to see
Recluse I repressed life in solitude
You can see right through it
Crowd control
While the viewers are sold
One shade from non-fiction
Drastic roles
With their smirks on burnt souls
How can you exploit us
The volatile are in control
Today's news abysmal
The peerless souls create the mold
They're constructing what you'll see next
The story lines are all but fine
Past judgments compromised
Its all we know
So we're told
What you see
Your thoughts are now reformed
Isn't for real
False improvised
Scheming devious thoughts
All absorbed
All are scorned
Nihilists are viewed at risk
Recommended rhetoric views
Leaving it up to them to prove
Abolish singular thoughts
Welcome back into your world
Not that you live here anymore
Don't waste your time forget what you thought
Why can't we see what's happening to our reality
It is forged
Why can't we see what's happening
Portrayed existence
It's all a lie
Turn it all off
Turn back on your mind
Turn it all off
See the truth in front of your eyes
When there's nowhere to run you'll see what's been done
You're hypnotized by all the lies but it's too late to hide
Crushed the evolved
To believe what's shown
Trust and hope at once media's are wrong
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