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Nephelium - Burial Ground şarkı sözü

(Kaleidoscopic images come spiralling out of the past in bursting flashes that assault the senses and leave one bewildered and disoriented. Fragmented images... frozen in time... alternate with howling echoes of disjointed bedlam. By the time the Traveler adjusts, the tumultuous flow has ceased and settled into a stable scene. It portrays a meadow on a warm summer's day. A great old tree casts its imposing shadow amidst the meadow. Its knotted branches are gnarled and twisted, as to reveal age beyond imagining, and bears no distinguishing marks. As a matter of fact, aspects of most other tree forms can be seen marking its massive trunk and scarce foliage. Unlike most other trees, this tree is not a host of swarming life, an ecosystem teeming with various coexisting species. No sap runs through its veins and no parasites course through its bark. It seems as though the very soil the Tree stands on is dead itself. Even the air around the Tree seems colder and more acrid, rustling though its dry leaves and whispering immemorial secrets in long-forgotten tongues. The outer layers of its bark are rimmed with cracks and wrinkles that strangely remind of human faces. A monument of death itself, it does strangely disturb the wholesome harmony of the warm and sunny mid-afternoon. )

In a world polluted by corpses
Memories entombed in sand
Funeral garments in the closets
Nitrous is the land

Sculls are grinning by the pyres
Bleached bones exposed
No phoenix will arise from these ashes
Gates to the crypt are closed


[Chorus: ]
Burial ground
Silence brought the end

Cellular decomposition
Tears the fabric of the mind
Apathetic predisposition
Sores are festering inside

Electro-magnetic impulses
Leak into the soil
Pouring from a broken nerve
Sacrificial bleeding of the soul

Presence lurking in old cellars
Dead cold, hungry eyes
Just beyond the visible spectrum
Shadows hide the light

Rats are crawling in the sewers
Grotesque imagery
Of the collective subconsciousness
Hidden behind lock and key

Dry and barren is the surface
Of this proto-world that we create

Powered by the human essence
The sanctuary of the damned

[Solo: Dan]

Dry winds are screaming in the night
Alongside empty streets
Rattling broken window-panes
And carrying tumbleweeds

Emptiness devoid of life
Is coiling on the ground
Nothing will disturb the silence
When funeral bell's the only sound

Fresh and raw is still the soil
From the funerals to come
Nothing will return to life
From this burial ground

Cast away the putrid souls
In this land of hidden sins
Close your eyes and pray for death
The end is closing in

Turn the key and lock the vault
Pretend they don't exist
But this place will haunt your dreams
Like a malignant cyst

[Solo: Alex]

Drink up from this cup of poison
Forget your miserable life
Surrounded by illusions
Sedated by lies



Ignore this prison of your making
Until the day you die
Although you see the moldy graves
Each time you close your eyes

Burial ground...
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Şarkının Adı: Burial Ground
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