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Leave me all alone There ain't nobody calling on my telephone Because I ripped that bitch right up out of the wall I apologize to any or that tried to call I haven't been myself lately I've been slowly losing my mind and telling them it's gravy I'm looking all shady and I haven't showered in weeks I haven't washed my balls, I haven't brushed my teeth All I see is demons everywhere that I look Was it the Ouija, the Black Magic Warlock book? I can't remember, but how can my memories leave me? I can't believe the spirts would try to deceive me But they did, just like a little kid I was so eager to learn, so willing to give But all they did was hate me, and break me Use my body for a host and my mirror for the gateway

Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity? Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity?

Please don't walk away I want you to hear what I got to say I never had anyone ever care for me I never had anyone ever there for me If you would listen to me instead of calling me names I would I could explain why I'm shaking and why I'm going insane My mind is on vacation, lack of conversation I'm like a radio, with static on every station Still I wanna know, will I be normal again? You say it's bullshit and tell me that it's all pretend But if it's false, then why don't the demons just disappear? And if it's untrue, then why am I seeing them crystal clear? Because I do, the mirror's turning blue And soul after soul keeps walking right through They're living in my house and living inside my head Some sleep inside the closet, others sleep under the bed

Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity? Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity?

Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity? Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity?

Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity? Something is wrong with me, I can't be who I need to be Something is wrong with me, will it last for eternity?

Yeah fuck that, I just ya know... this... I just wanted to come on here and say that uh I ain't feelin only havin 13 tracks on the motherfucking Cryptic Collection 3. I ain't feelin that alright? So I just wanted... ya know... this is an extra track of just... I guess its just of me (sing something) I'm not gonna si... this isn't like a lounge or nothin like that. I dont wanna sing i just want it to have an extra bonus track cause I don't wanna not have enough shit. (they wanna hear you sing) and if they do then they can rewind back threw the album and hear us doin what we did on the joker which we took a classic song and alot of people wanna know why we did that an-and you know what fuck that heres Monoxide to tell you why. We did it cause we like it and were jokers and were smokers, and were midnight tokers and we wanna grab your Georgian peaches and shake your trees and thats just what we do. Thats MOTHERFUCKING RIGHT! I don't give a fuck I can't sing, listen to this: (I Can-) But I'ma picker though right and how fresh is that how did he no back in the day that pickin your nose is fresh (right) I mean you get them ones where there caught in the hair and it'll like... you jerk it hard enough and a hot little tear rolls down your eyes cause thats like nervous system. Thats how a cold start you get a lil chaffy in the nose area. IMA PICKER! MOTHERFUCKER! An-an don't be affraid cause its ok I'm confident an-an I also wanna say that um (we grow out pinky nails out just so we can pick our noses) Yeah you fuckin bitches think we do coke, we dont do coke you fuckin dumb fuck i pick noses my own BIATCH! I don't give a fuck listen... listen... (Yea uh) those are pickers motherFUCKER. I like the joker, I think this is fresh, if Steve Millers got a problem we can fuckin shove dude he doesn't wanna get ya know... and I dont wanna de-defame him when I asked to use his song cause like we called him up. We we like "HEY STEVE" and hes like "who in the fuck is this" and I'm like "ya know it's fuckin me and Paul and we wanna... ya know can we do the track?" "how much acid have you got?" and I was like "we can arrange things but can we do the track we need a yes or a no" and he kinda hung up so thats like yeah to me, in my book thats a yes (sounded like yeah to me) he did not say no... we roll with the track. And there it is, its like what the fuck theres no rhyme theres no reason, we just like it. If we could do songs like this all the time our shit would go... studio cost would be an all time low. Thats it I got it! We got it! I Got it! The new shit, the new look, the new sound. What... Tell-Tell US! Were a fuckin cover band. YES!!! See look at that. And d-do you wanna know that mother fuckers thought that that black magic was a fucking cover band the one that... We know Duran-Duran. Were gonna do Duran-Duran on the next album FUCKER! AND ITS GONNA SOUND FRESH! CAUSE WERE JUGGALOS AND THATS WHAT WE DO WE MAKE SHIT SOUND FRESH! TELL EM! AND THERES A ASH AT THE END OF THAT! I couldn't even say anything that was so fuckin furiating. YESH! But seriously they wanna hear you sing. I don't wanna sing no more I just wanna... this is my special track to them. To who? if you have to ask then-then maybe we should just stop it here.

Aight look FUCK that, if he gets a track then I get a special track. You can't get an infringe on the infringe man. its not an infringement were in this... I get a track too. Aight aight keep the track. Aight listen. This for yall. I love yall. I know who yall are, I can't talk. Aight look THATS REAL! STOP, NO ITS NOT REAL! THAT IS REAL THATS REALLY REAL! That was a phony attempt at sympathy. Yea well it worked man cause I wanna hug man NO! I love you dogg! NO! This is my special track and I'm about to hit yall with something that you have never heard before. NEW SHIT YALL! NEW SHIT! You ready Fritz? Man Fritz hit em! Aight look... I'm serious people they... the battling has to stop we gotta give em something special, we gotta tell them something I don't know. Whats your middle name? NO this is my special fuckin song my middle name is Barbalow, Paul Barbalow. You can call me PB for short if you like. It happens, but look, were gonna hit you off with something you guys ain't never heard. This shit I mean. NEW SHIT YALL! You might even hear this shit on the radio NEVER! IT MIGHT! They might like it. Aight look, what is goin on with the campaign and there banning fat people and smokers thats a whole nother album. Hey no no address it address it, this is where there gonna be listining to us and our political buels, views Monoxide and buels. Fuels my views. And tell them why your pissed at fucking smokin and fat people. Look, they hate Twiztid, they planned a 3 billion dollar campaign just against the band, the fat one and the guy who smokes every fuckin 2 seconds. FUCKIN BULLSHIT! We dont give a fuck, were gonna go everywhere and just smoke and be fa--well... You know that there... there makin it hard for me to get a Super-Sized Fry, that is bullshit. THAT IS BULLSHIT! That is racism against fat people. We should be able to sit in McDonalds with a fuckin 5 orders of Super-Sized Fries. SMOKIN A JOINT! SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE. Sometimes I like to stick my joint in the Sweet-N-Sour Sauce AT McDonalds. Look hoe, its a no win situation (now its against the law) when you get done eating what do you want to do? YOU WANNA SMOKE! When your done smokin what do you wanna do? Keep it real tell em you smoke when you eat. I smoke when I eat. You never seen it but he does it. But look here it is the brand new shit you guy aint never heard of this shit its all edited and theres no cuss words in it, its real friendly and uh here it goes... HAHAHA HE GOT YOU! YOU THOUGHT THAT SONG WAS GONNA COME ON WE FOOLED YOU MOTHER FUCKERS! Thats what that song does when we do it, thats the one with the no cuss words and the radio friendly it sounds like this listen one more time were gonna play it one more time for you... THATS THAT HOT SHIT! THATS THAT HOT SHIT! Thats new shit JUGGALO LOVE! Twiztid edited just how you wanted em fuckin Wal-Mart. Play it one more time. Hold on I gotta rewind it aight there... HAHAHA THEY DONT KNOW NOTHIN ABOUT IT AIGHT PEACE YALL!
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