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Hi! My name's Lisa
I'm what some people call a sex addict
I mean just because I like to have sex with alot of boys
It doesn't make me a freak, ok?
I mean, yeah I like to do a doggy style
And suck cock and all that you know?
I mean I usually just tell 'em
Pull that muthafucka out and let me see it
Get started...

Now let me introduce myself as the man
Fuckin' every bitch in the world that says I can
And I won't even play with bitches that don't fuck
All I know, you could be a dude with your nuts tucked
And I don't need all the stress and all the games
And all the callin' me names
And your frontin' like your sayin, bitch
You ain't shit but a hoe and the trickinAll your good for is hopefully fuckin' and suckin' dick
Wanna blame it on my music?
Well that will never happen
Cuz I was fuckin' hoes like you before the rappinDon't get me the slighter on that ass and buttcheeks
And keep my dick the splashin' cum on bed sheets
I'm a lunatic weirdo lookin' to the laid
Any hookers here tonight is lookin' to get paid?
Fuck that, I won't spend no nickle on no ass
I don't even want no stankin' bitch, stankin' by my cash

Well me too
I'mma pull my dick out and this is what we gonna do
Fuck till the sun comes up and fall asleep
Leaving pusss battered and brused and numb for weeks
You say you never sucked dick, a minor obstical
Just pretend that my dick is a popsicle
And lick it all on the sides and tip
You got creamsickle fillin' on your tongue and lips

Bitch, I'mma cum outta' the pants
I'm trying to figure out whether or not I'm getting that ass
Your callin' me a freak sayin' I'm going too fast
But if you dont fuck on the first date I'm leavin' that ass

You can tell it from the getgo bitch, I ain't the one
And stricly for your info bitch, you ain't the bomb
I done fucked many two and three hoes at the time
And the most hoes I fuck in one night is like five
You can say I'm addicted to sex
But if you know my sleeze then you know I'm addicted to death
Monoxide fuckin' bitches left to right
Let a killa know, if your fuckin' tonight

Hey bitch, do you shave your peach?
I can check cause your beaver is within my arm reach
Leavin' a rash on my cock
Burned up, cradle, and duds are icey hots
Hey Bitch, would you finger your box?
And rub the butt of a nigga name madrox
Half hour killa with an hour worth a dick
So do you wanna fuck? Hey you, hey bitch...

Bitch, I'mma cum outta' my pants
I'm trying to figure out whether or not I'm getting that ass
Your callin' me a freak sayin' I'm going too fast
But if you dont fuck on the first date I'm leavin' that ass

You stupid bitch, what the fuck do you think this is?
I take you out to dinner maybe to a movie
And you don't wanna fuck?
Who the fuck do you think you are muthafuckin' Liz Claybourn bitch?
I don't like that shit and I don't like you
So if you ain't fuckin, you need to bounce, bitch
That's for my mods
I'm lookin' for ass, money, and dead shit
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