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Since you're too fuckin' lazy to turn this shit off (Right)
And seein how you're just sitting there listenin doin nuthin (Uh huh)
We figured we'd tell you a story (Ok)
Let's see if you can figure out what I'm trying to say
(What do you got to say?)
(Say it)
(Spit it out)
(Come on)
There once was a ninja named Jack Picklebush (Oh yeah?)
He lived in the 313 area code (I know that guy)
Now this kid wasn't no ordinary ninja because his nutbag
Was 4 times the size of his head (Whoa)
Everybody in the neighborhood calls him fat sac Jack
Now his 3 homeboys Ron, Don, and Jon
From over on 8th St.
(I know Ron)
Used to dash home from school
Just so they could jump up and down
And play on Jack's fat fuckin ball sac
Now, the other day while they was hopping, and flipping, and having fun.
Jon ripped a huge ass crease right up the ass of his Wranglers
He wasn't wearin any drawers
But the fact that his naked ass fell out wasn't what embarrassed Jack.
What did however
Was that all his friends now knew his lifelong secret.
Jon has 2 anus's
That's right double rosebuds.
Now, everybody got a great laugh on including fat sac Jack
And when they finally finished bustin' on Jon
They noticed it was 8 o'clock,
Time for Monday night wrestling
And so they all ran over to Don's house
Because he's the only 1 that has cable.
After wrestling was over they all grabbed some Faygo's
And some Swisher Sweets packed with buds
(Oh yeah gotta have the weed)
And they all laid out on fat sac Jack's fat fuckin ball bag
And stared up into the stars.
When they finally got home and went to bed
Shit, it was something like 2 in the morning (That's pretty late)
Now, figure it out smart ass
(Who you calling a smart ass?)
(Put it together, figure it out)
(I don't get it)
(What're you supposed to do with it?)
(Fuck off)
(Figure it out)
(I don't get it where'd he go?)
(Where'd that guy go that was tellin' the story?)
(I'ma wait here go see if you can get him)
(What the fucks going on?)
(Word up)
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