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Thunderstone - The Burning (2004) Şarkı Sözleri

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Thunderstone - The Burning (2004) şarkı sözü

1. Until We Touch The Burning Sun

I'm watching through the frozen window
Through the reflection of my face
There's a cold world out there
And I'm here, safe, and deceitfully fine...

This is my world
My haven, my home, where I can be alone
Only hear and see
Hear and see things that really matter to me

When I open the door and look upon the haze
I can see a million eyes and the way they're gazing at me
Walking through the misery
Surrounded by the things that I don't want to see

I can feel the hopeless pain,
and it's driving me insane
And today I'll make a promise
Just to break it by tomorrow

We will never learn
We will never turn
Our eyes to the world
Where the pain is reality
We will never see
We'll never believe
Until we touch the burning sun

I feel the breeze
The breeze that makes me realize that I am not alone
I'm here,
I'm home and safe again behind the doors, locked
Never want to leave again

2. Break The Emotion

They say it's all gone,
it's just the beginning
They say it's a dawn,
well it's just another morning

Run through the hours, the days, and the endless years
Run for the shelter and hide
Reborn and become, strong and undone
They say there are so many ways you can live your life

But they will never learn, there are gazing eyes, they
The way you have chosen, the things you have always
Sometimes aren't righteous, sometims aren't clear
Just keep going on, without fear

Break the emotion - Run into the eye of the storm
Break the emotion - And you can feel the hellfire
Break the emotion - Desire for vengeance is rising
Break the emotion - You're dancing on the wire
Your fall is higher...
If you break your emotion

They say you're wrong and they're right,
but it's only illusion
They say five up without fight,
it's their institution

3. Mirror Never Lies

It's the darkest veil,
pulled over my head
No one can see me,
deep inside, who I am

Beneath the skin the answer lies
Innocence will be sacrificed
And the truth will be revealed
It's all said and done, thousands of times
My journey through the ages, had taken it's toll
The face of truth, scars that'll never fad away

It's all said and done,
thousands of times
And when I'm dad and gone
The memory's left behind

Mirror never tells a lie
The truth is always there
You can see it right before your eyes
It's the one you'll have to bare

It's like the darkest veil,
pulled over my head
No one can see me,
deep inside, who I am

4. Tin Star Man

Land of the free
Home of the brave
A history of heroes
In my name
One truth under god
I feel I am stranded
In a world covered in dark
A shield against evil
I light the spark
I can feel it in my blood
I carry on my sacred ride
Across the seas and the great divide

I will save you, even if you don't want me to
My electric eye will always find you
I'm the one, me, myself and I
Feel the thunder when I light up the sky

No one can stop me now
It's already begun
I'm the Tin Star Man

It's a thin line between good and bad
But knowing I'm right keeps me on the track
Righteous and clean
I have the power, I have the force
To bring down my foes and to lead my cause
The light shines on me

5. Spire

Lying on the floor, I feel nothing
Trying to remember
Everything's a haze, yesterday is gone
Feels like I'vee been hypnotized

Will this be the last time?
I wonder will I ever learn?
Still searching for the rhyme
Maybe now it's time for me to turn

I rise, I fall
I always stand before I crawl
I smile, I rule
But who am I really trying to fool?

I'm on the spire
Reaching up to the sky high above
I'm on the spire
And it's on fire, I'm going down below

Another day, another year
And the wheel keeps on spinning
Another joy, another fear
I believe some day I'll be winning

Every time I swear this will be the last time
Every time I crash to the ground
Every time I'm standing on the spire
I fall but come around

6. Sea Of Sorrow

You were the ground beneath my feet
Stretching as fas as I could see
But then you were called to sail
And I felt all hope fail

The tide is turning
And I'm left yearning
Watching you sail away
On towards a better day

And now, yes I

Sail on, sail on
On a wind of pain
Sail on, sail on
With no shelter from the rain
Sail on, sail on
With no light to follow
Sail on, sail on
On a Sea of Sorrow

Barren waters all around me
Stretching as fas as I can see
Sailing on with a breath
Looking for the black sails of death

The tide is turning
And I'm left yearning
Watching you sail away
On towards a better day

Still I, yes I...

7. Side By Side

Time has come
Now it's our turn to start building up our way to the
Here and now
Scream and run
For the dreams we have and for the visions that we
have fought so long

Years after years
No hesitaton we're heading forward
There's nothing that could stop us now
We are here to stay, never fading away

We have a power and will
Dreams to fulfill
And the hunger is growing day by day
Together we'll ride to the sky, high above
United we will march through the lands
Side by side

We are as one
We breath the same air, we walk the same endless road
We share it all
Joy and sorrow
No limitaions
As long as the grip will hold there is only one way to go
Full speed ahead
We are rolling over

8. Drawn To The Flame

Playing with fire gets you burned
I knew it but still I didn't take heed
Two is company, three's a crowd
I knew that too but still I couldn't let go

It's burning me, burning me
Like a beggar for money I'm drawn
Between two fires I stand
Filled with a flame both bitter and sweet
It's burning me, burning me
Like a beggar for money I'm drawn

To the flame
I am the one to blame
I have been drawn to the flame
I'm burned by the fire
That is you

9. Forth Into The Black

He's always walking in the shadows of your minds
He's never talking...
Silence betrays, a smile on his face

Never there, never here, never feel any fear
But he's always everywhere
Never give, never take, never lave nor forsake
Sometimes our life ain't so fair

Close your eyes, he's near yet too far
Be strong and be what you really are

Forth into the black
You can hear him calling your name
Forth into the black
You can feel it, like thunder and rain

Embrace your life, take care of your soul
This time you'll be alone
He's waiting your turn, expecting you to never learn
This is the game we all are going to lose

Now hold on, this is your call
don't let it go or you'll fall

And when the time has come, he'll be here for you
You better not run, 'cause you will never come back
You're going forth into the black

10. Evil Within

Can you hear my silent whisper
Can you hear my confession
Can you feel this rising anger
Can you see me I'm burning inside

Evil thoughts running through my soul
I'll never stop acting my role

I will unleash my endless pain
I will unleash my fire
Come closer and take my hand
Come with me and you will undertand

Evil thoughts running through my soul
I'll never stop acting my role

There are sinners and saints
There will be always treasures and waste
There will be always two ways to go
At the crossroads we stand lost and alone

This feeling is haunting me
It's pulling me down
This madness is killing me
It's tearing my heart out I'm loosing my mind
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